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Edgar Portillo

Photo: Edgar Portillo


High School Student


Hi, I am Edgar Portillo and I volunteer in the chemistry lab lead by Mr. Giri. I started working in the Lab since June 1st, 2015 and I’ve used my great Math skills and applied them to the lab as I go along. Ever since I was a little I’ve always wanted to become a cop and as I grew older my career interest changed to becoming an Engineer to be exact a Biomedical Engineer. But this year I discovered I was really good at another field in the Engineering field and that other field is Civil Engineer. Since my Father works in a Civil Engineer business I’ve discovered my changes in landing a good job in the civil engineering field was great. I joined the lab because I ‘m great with numbers and my professor recommended me and even though my mind not be set in the a chemical or biology field my mind might change again and this volunteer internship is definitely helping. I continue working in the Chemistry Lab and my math skills continue to help me get the job well done.