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Three high school students from South Valley Academy - Mr. Edgar Portillo (left), Ms. Ariana Munoz (center) and Ms. Jasmain Rodriguez (right) - conducting experiments in the lab. These high school students are working alongside with graduate students to develop Cu-catalyzed tandem coupling reactions.




Jackson Rider, a high school intern from Albuquerque Academy, conducting experiments in the lab. Jackson is working alongside with a graduate student, Bijay Shrestha, to develop Cu-catalyzed alkylation of organoaluminum reagents with alkyl halides.
Jackson Rider

03-12-2015: Research Lab Visit by Taos High School Students: A group of 21 students participated in the visit. Three highly motivated graduate students - Prakash Basnet, Bijay Shrestha and Surendra Thapa - explain sustainable approach to chemistry to these very enthusiastic HS students in three groups.

Trying on gloves
Safety first! - try out gloves.....
Let's get started...........with Copper (Cu).
Explaining chemistry
Explaining chemistry.....
Chemistry on the board
Chemistry on the board......
Explaining chemistry
Explaining GC-MS........
Feeling the glovebox
Getting excited! Trying out the glovebox!